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Dona + Impuls
Recognition for HCBC

In HCBC, Hanna Christensen Business Courses, we have reasons to celebrate! We have managed to enter the select group of projects that Gesa Endesa supports in the beginning. The Dona + Impuls program helps to promote the careers of women in charge of companies. It is managed by the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce and financed […]

Four pillars of lifelong learning
Four pillars of lifelong learning

UNESCO, through its International Commission on Education for 21st Century, developed a framework for lifelong learning. It defins four pillars of lifelong learning: learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. HCBC Courses teach how to do The offer of the courses here on the HCBC platform situates itself […]

Labor market demand 2021
What does the labor market demand in 2021?

What does the labor market demand in 2021? Among the skills, companies are expected to demand most in 2021 are, a part from the usual ones such as creativity, commitment to the company and flexibility, some new points that grow from the new situation in which we all find ourselves: Resilience As it is obvious […]

why learn with HCBC?
Why HCBC? Why should you learn with our platform?

So many e-learning platforms on the market, so why HCBC? Why should you learn with our learning platform? Our courses are rather short, they are small information packages that teach “how to do”, how to solve a specific issue: how to make a business plan, how to improve your content marketing through video or podcast, […]

Online live course: Successful Events

“Successful Events: Management and creativity, 3 in 1” is a hands-on live online course for small businesses and freelancers, who want to improve their skills and possibilities on the labour market. The course aims at those who need to have a basic but solid knowledge of event management in their work, both  as employee or […]

online live course content marketing video
Online live Course: Content Marketing – Video

You´ll find all the information about this course, the upcoming dates and the possibility to enroll on the web This course is in-person online course for freelancers like me and small businesses that would like to learn everything about Content marketing, if they don´t do any content marketing yet or improve their existing content […]


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